Since its' introduction in 1995, ARCS has set an industry standard by demonstrating that trapezoidal loudspeaker arrays can in fact generate an acoustic field that is free of destructive interference. By satisfying Wavefront Sculpture Technology® (WST) criteria, ARCS provides remarkable clarity and perfect coherence along with powerful, smooth, and predictable coverage.

What's unique is that the radiated constant curvature wavefront emanates from a virtual point source located 1.15 m behind the array. Well-defined, precise coverage along with convenient rigging and ease-of-use are the main performance benefits of ARCS' modular design. With the introduction of ARCBUMP, up to four ARCS enclosures can now be rigged horizontally. This easy-to-use accessory adds even greater flexibility and versatility to ARCS as a modular line source array since ARCS can be used to create either vertical or horizontal line source arrays.