Dv Dosc

L-ACOUSTICS® dV-DOSC provides the same performance benefits as V-DOSC® and ARCS® in an extremely compact format suitable for both fixed installation and touring applications. The 120° horizontal coverage of dV-DOSC combined with the power of Wavefront Sculpture Technology® in adapting vertical system directivity to match the audience area results in well-defined, predictable coverage combined with exceptionally even frequency response and SPL.

As a full-range, two-way system, dV-DOSC can be used for speech reinforcement in corporate applications or as a voice-only system for television and theatrical productions. The compact profile of dV-DOSC is ideal for installations where visually unobtrusive sound design is an important issue. dV-DOSC is also well-suited to large-scale fixed installations such as single or multiple distributed arrays for stadium and arena sound reinforcement. For these applications, the generous 120° horizontal pattern combined with the seamless transition between short- to long-throw zones obtained using Wavefront Sculpture principles allows the sound designer to achieve excellent intelligibility and cost-effective coverage even under difficult, highly reverberant acoustic conditions.