Kudo Array

KUDO® is a large format line source operating on a frequency range from 35 Hz to 20 kHz. The frequency range can be extended to either 32 Hz or 25 Hz with the addition of the complimentary SB18 and SB28 subwoofers, respectively.

The KUDO system is a 3-way, quad-amplified design and is equipped with two 12” LF transducersmounted in a bass-reflex enclosure, four 5” high efficiency MF transducers, and two 1.75” HF diaphragm compression drivers coupled to individual DOSC® waveguides. The cabinet incorporates the K-LOUVER® Modular Directivity Technology (Patent pending) allowing mechanical adjustment of the MF/HF directivity with 4 possible settings in the plane perpendicular to the DOSC® waveguides. The alliance of coplanar symmetry and DOSC® waveguides allows KUDO to fulfill the 5 WST® criteria.

The KUDO enclosure is made of first grade Baltic birch plywood to ensure maximum acoustical and mechanical integrity. The four-point rigging system is entirely captive and almost invisible when recessed into the cabinet. It allows flying up to 21 KUDO enclosures in a variable-curvature vertical line source array with an inter-element flexibility from 0° to 10°. The rigging system has also been designed to configure KUDO as a horizontal constant-curvature line source array with fixed 10°inter-element angles.