V-Dosc Array

V-DOSC® has revolutionized the loudspeaker industry with its outstanding sonic results for large format live sound reinforcement applications. L-ACOUSTICS® V-DOSC® is the first full frequency line source array based on the principles of Wavefront Sculpture Technology®. V-DOSC® possesses an exceptional level of rider-friendliness for touring and installation projects.

At the heart of V-DOSC® is the internationally-patented DOSC® waveguide which fulfills WST® criteria at high frequencies, allowing elements to couple coherently and create a single, continuous, isophasic sound source. As a result, V-DOSC® is a full-spectrum coherent system, whereas conventional horn and driver assemblies suffer interference throughout most of their operating bandwidth.

V-DOSC® now benefits from the latest presets implemented on the LA8 amplified controller. It can be seamlessly integrated into complex stadium and arena configurations thanks to a sonic signature entirely compatible with K1 and KUDO®. The K standard for V-DOSC® includes the LA-RAK, SB28, dV-DOSC fill enclosure, signal distribution, cabling and rigging accessories.